Dior Ginza
Designed by Kumiko Inui          October,2004
   photo by mirutake October 17, 2004

  I caught a glimpse of the white mass facing the Harumi Street.
As I approached it, it was just the one I was looking for.
Oh, punching metal was used !

  Considering that it is located in Ginza area, isn't it constructed in rather low cost?
I wondered whether this kind of brand shop could endure such a simple exterior.
However, lots of ideas had been put into this simple making.

 The panels made of punching metal were solidly made.
Under daylight, the exterior was the simple wall made of punching metals. The big white and homogeneous mass, which is not transparent, stood out releasing a certain sense of presence among the surrounding buildings.

 At night, it is lighted up and the punched holes started to illuminate in white.
When I observed the wall closely, there was another wall inside the punching metal panel and there, the dots were printed out. Under daylight, the inner wall would be dark and only the exterior punching metals show up. However, when it is lighted up the dots printed on the wall inside appear producing lines that the holes and dots overlap each other.

 The white lines are the line pattern of the punched holes and the black lines are that of the dots printed inside the wall.

 In case of Dior Omotesando, the orbit of sun contributed to its effect. But while Dior Ginza is influenced by sun light as well, it also seems to be supported by the neon lights of the neighboring buildings.
It was reflecting the neon lights of the surrounding buildings as if it had a glass exterior.

 Here, the pattern is still homogeneous and is not breaking the pattern.
It is not like those arbitrariness which have begun to be expressed by Toyo Ito and Jun Aoki.

 What is expressed here by the punching metal seems to be similar to Sumida Culture Factory designed by Itsuko Hasegawa, where she had presented the image of wrapping the building lightly.

 Her architecture is in correlation with the environment. It is the expression of the age through architecture continuing to be responsive to the art of architecture.

                     November 6,2004


くまもとアートポリス 新八代駅前モニュメント




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