Designed by Ito Toyo December,2005
         Photographed by mirutake 01,2006

  As soon as I heard that MIKIMOTO Ginza 2 had opened, I went to the shop right away. As I didn't know the location I stopped by at MIKIMOTO on the Ginza Street and asked the way. They gave me a pamphlet of a new shop at the information desk. It was beautifully made in coordination with the image of the new building.
The floor information was mentioned inside the building shaped pamphlet.

  Here it is seen. Is it the patch pattern of a cow or cheese pattern? It stood so different from the surrounding buildings.
Someone even said that it looks like a giraffe since it is so tall.
It brought about the atmosphere nice and cozy allowing us to think of a familiar simile. It sought arbitrary meaning in a curved line abstract figure instead of abstraction in straight line geometric figure.

  It certainly looks like a piece of cheese. The color is light pink. Is it the pink of pearl?

  It looks like the synthesis picture of a model and the real scene.

  This time the site is a corner plot. It stands straight in square shape.

  The glass glazed opening on the corner was impressively made.
The wall can be seen in 200mm depth on the left side of the opening. However, when we look at the right side it is made to look like the wall without depth.
This was possible because the depth side plane had been set in 45degrees and not 90degrees.

  As a matter of fact. it is incredible to see that the nine storied building stands only supported by the wall in this thickness with no pillars. This 200mm is said to include thickness of the steel sheets both inside and outside sandwiching the concrete.

  Although this architecture is made of steel sheets, it is shown as if the steel sheets had no thickness. Usually the depth is determined in layers, first by caulking material caulking the glass and then the thickness of steel sheets added.

  The depth side plane is set in 45 degrees.

  The raindrop traces are found on the outer wall.
Although it is shining and not clearly seen up side, a horizontal line can be observed faintly, which is the join of steel sheets. The joins include those horizontal lines between each stories and vertical lines in about 3m width. However, it is so well done that the lines are almost invisible.

  Great efforts have been put into to achieve this.
Creating this huge plane, it has realized abstractive expression ( sense of unreal) . The abstract figure is not the strict geometric figure but so to say, a fantastic abstraction.
There is said to be a structural reason to make the openings in round shape. It was said that this was not possible if it was made in square.

  It is a fancy opening that people would be attracted to peep in.

  The building is for rent on the upper floors. There is an elevator hall inside.

  The wall depth can be seen on the entrance and the exit where mirrored stainless steel is used. There is a drip pushing out a little over the opening upside.

  The main entrance. There is no difference in floor level entering inside. Stairway can be seen inside.

  People would stop by to watch inside.
It feels easy to peep in unlike how one feels passing by all glassed facade. It may be because it is the opening digged into the wall.

  Staircase seems to coincide with the exterior.

  The raindrop trace and the welded steel sheets can be observed adjusted by the sunlight.



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