Went to hh style com.

 It was a twenty minutes walk from JR Harajuku Station,walking along the Cat,s Street. It appears on the right side.

 A simple glass facade is seen.
A white aluminum line seen just above the eaves of the entrance shows the floor line inside. It is bended a little. It is the floor line of the second floor and at the same time you can see another fading line above. This line is that of the floor above, indicating that it is three floored.

When you enter, it immediately reminds you of the impressive light construction by the steel piped columns at the Koga General Park Cafeteria.
The new aspect this time seems to be the slope like atairs.
The stairs are presented in two comparative ways. One is that stairs surrounded by the airy glass wall and the other is that surrounded by the white wall. It seems to be representing two aspects of Kazuyo Sejima,s architecture, the open and free glass and the closed white wall. The stairs is a gentle slope that you climb it with strides or two steps a stair.

 The displaying chairs looked floating against the light and in one part the floor was slanted. It was a pleasant space indeed.


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