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A new aspect to the feeling of togetherness with the street

 I was passing by an office building by chance when I caught a sight of a transparent reception hall on the ground floor. It was around seven o,clock in the evening. The interior design was beautifully coordinated in white.

The building itself stood retreated from street leaving a small space around the building which looked like a narrow path. My eyes were led straight into the interior of a room. I thought that it succeeded in producing the feeling of togetherness with the street.

 A new aspect to the feeling of togetherness of inside and outside broadened to the street

 The atmosphere of the building was totally different from the surrounding buildings.
At the first sight, we are attracted by a transparent white hall. Gradually we recognize that while the neighboring buildings are constructed using most of the site, this building seems to belong to a different sphere from them being calm and composed.

 The difference seemed to come from the retreated placement of the building site which was coordinating with a bypath on the left side looking like an alley in appropriate size. The building was placed retreated from the big street and the remained space became a path in appropriate size planted with trees. It was paved rugged and sandy being quite attractive for rambling.

 Another contributing factor was that the exterior floor had no difference in level with the interior floor and was therefore connected to the interior smoothly and horizontally. It was leading one,s eyes from the narrow path to the interior space smoothly. 

Also, as if it were a focus point, the ceiling was illuminated so brightly leading our eyes to the inner part of the interior space. After the working hours when no one was present any more,the white furnitures set in the hall were produced beautifully in this bright room and in this newly broadened feeling which seemed to be created by the combination of the hall and the path.

 In contrast to the darkness of the surrounding buildings the white brightness of the interior of the hall was producing the feeling of openness to the street space in visual sense.
All these elements contributing to its composure we were appreciating the beautiful appearance of this white hall.

And now, let,s observe the interior in a constructive point of view.

When I look at the corridor in the basement from the ground floor, which is reached by the stairs descending from the ground floor, the whole perspective is as though it is a digged space. Anyone who sits on the chair in the hall would feel spatial distance to approach the exterior of the building.

It is digged to the edge of the sash and the basement wall is a light pasted wall.(the illuminated wall is in gradation becoming brighter as it lowers.) This illuminated wall stands as an illuminated box for the person standing outside the building. The effect of this lighting together with the rugged floor outside seems to be almost threatening to one,s sense of standing there. (Similar component may be observed at Tokyo International Forum. It is the view of the court yard and the basement floor below viewed from the lens building.)

 I think that all the factors such as the component composed by the lighted wall, the exterior floor, and the treatment of the sash,made it possidle to create the spatial extent across the narrow path, which turned out not simple but a complicated extent.

This time I was impressed to find a new spatial component where the interior space was spatially connected to outside scenery, the narrow street scene. I perceive that the spatial consciousness of architecture which sought for the unity of inside and outside is now seen and revealed in the office building construction which was originally seen and developed from the opened cafe.

 Question goes on as to what is this opened feeling of inside and outside united in the urban area.

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  As a matter of fact, I expressed the hall as a white hall but the wall was in ivory if looked closely. The ceiling was the same as that in the children,s room of International Library of Children,s Literature. It was the light ceiling treated with incombustibule cloth. The reception desk is made of green matt glass. The wall in the back is partly decorated with a small lot of wide glass laminated .
How was it possible to construct such a hall (feeling of togetherness with the street) where it is peeked in by people passing by !

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