Had visited Omori Shell mound Monumental Garden

 The fence is set curved facing the road designed in joumon style It is nicely set a little inward from the road.
As tonko said it is produced as a theme park.

This park is full of tall trees that the space feels rich.

Go up the gentle slope.

You will see the foggy fountain at the end of the slope.

Mother and children are joyfully dashing through and out of the foggy fountain.They are having fun. I have heard that the nursery school children visiting here to play in this park get wet here at once in this foggy fountain.

Strata copied wall surrounds the fountain space. There is a watering place in the center with a step set for children.
If there were more space inside this collonade children could have run and dashed. Too bad.

Although you can,t see in the picture, it was regrettable to see a steel door of the machine room seen outside the left two spans side of the collonade.

Circled plaza with the foggy fountain, picture taken from the upper side. You see children dashing through and out.

It was a nice passage leading you to the other side producing the expanding space.

Back side of the circled plaza. There is a picture of the cross section of the shell mound inside this shelter. I think that the designer agrees that coloring the shelter white was a failure. It is awfully dirty after the rain.

Is it a picture of shell mound explaining that the mounds exist in layers? It doesn,t look like cross section of the real stratum.

A heavy growth of canna. There is Tokaidou Railway on the right side.

The gentle slope side down to the railway was a nice place. It is a cozy open space since it,s not a walking passway. It had a surrounded atmosphere.

It is likely that the children played here. It was underneath this place.

 The toilet is tube like.
It is divided into two and the height and the size are well controlled. It seems to be planned with conscious intention. (It was the standard toilet inside.Cleaning was well done.) The toilet was colored in united color coordination not like that of an abrupt design of the toilet in general.

Approach backward

Sight from the railway side,JR Keihintouhoku Way. Can observe the slope backside of the park.

 Information Board

>>>The planning of the park was quite interesting. It was a simple theme park. (not intrusive but not boring)>>>
What tonko had commented was appropriately expressing the point.
Some time ago there was a trend to build public buildings in town according to certain concept,which often ended in failure.. ( Disneylandazation*1) But here there is no such absurdity and what is more it has succeeded in designing the concept, joumon style to abstraction. The size of the site is appropriate .Of course the joumon style justly matches the shell mound monument.

The word *1Disneylandazation was first used in "Gisousuru Nippon" by Osamu Nakagawa Shoukokusha 1996 2.10 published. There are taken up many failing examples of public buildings. Personally, I was thinking about what comes after the Disneyland sometime before this publishment. It was to clarify the border between the ornamental architecture (haribote) and the expression of architecture. This issue was in common with what was written in this work. This concept would be the subtitle of the HP from hereafter. Comparing to these, Oomori shell mound monumental park was produced simple and in good sense according to the necesarry image of the shell mound.

When I searched the homepages in the internet referring to this shell mound monument park, I had found comments such as "the intellects complained that the concept of the joumon era is not accurately conveyed." I think that this is rather misunderstanding.
It was also interesting to see the history of the two shell mound monuments.

http://inoues.net/yamataikoku/ruins/omorikaiduka.html With the background music


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