Yoshio Taniguchi Kasairinkai Park View Point Visitors Center
I,m fond of the place and I visit there once in a while.

A new social place where people,s eyes meet the others, eyes directly.

@Approach from the station


360 degrees from the bridge second floor

I take my camera whenever I go on observing architecture. The first time I visited this site, I was trying to perceive the exterior of the building through the viewfinder and I recognized that people appearring in the viewfinder looked so conscious of camera eye. Usually one passes by without noticing the camera eye. But since the building is all glazed and a large range of the scenery is in full view , you cannot just pass through without noticing the other passers, eyes . It was especially so revealing at the slant. Also when I tried to take pictures of the sightseeing people I immediately felt a keen eye sight coming back. I was wondering at such reactions. The couples seemed to be a little nervous to be looked at in this distance. Contrarily, without the camera there seemed to exist a peaceful relationship between the lookers both from inside and outside. The setting of this observatory seem to be in just the right distance to look at the people and read their expression. For before I knew it I was looking at people inside just as though looking at a show window. You are capable of getting a wide view of the sea once you are inside. Simultaneously, the restricted height of the building is the key to a new concept. I felt for sure that there appeared a new social place for the young couples where they enjoy looking at the others and also be looked at.

@The slant

@View Point Space

View Point space second floor 360degrees Panorama

It was not so long ago that we were stunned at first to see a new styled cafe such as in Ginza where cafe tables were set facing the roadside. This style of cafe facing the pedastrians and meeting with their eyes was followed by the cafeterrace style at Odaiba. This observatory was built in such time. Although it was the modern architectural concept to create equality of space inside and outside, sight intersection between the people inside and outside was avoided. However, it seems to me that the appearance of opened cafe brought out a new style where the people,s eyes inside the cafe meet the pedastrians outside. Afterward the appearance of cafeterrace series follows enabling intersection of eye sight more direct. Here approaching from the facade you are led to the seashore. Since it is all glazed, a glass box and transparent, intersection of all the eye sight is possible. Such setting is a renovation.

@Exhibition Space

@Exterior Elevation Seaside/Cafeteria

Exterior View 360 degrees Paanorama

That it is built low and not towering and that it is transparent and all glazed more than that of cafes in Ginza, the sightseeing people inside are more sightseen by the people outside the building. It is as if looking at the show window. Furthermore, since most of the visiters here are the the young couples, they seem to enjoy looking at each other couples appraising their fashion. Observing such sceneries made me call this place a renovated social place.

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