According to the traditional way, the architects have created a big and an opened space by enlarging the distance between the columns as much as possible.In such ways,1. the column and 2.the beam will be big and standing out.Such tendency has been favored as showing the power and the strength.And if made so , they would want to lift 3.the floor up from the ground like a base platform. However, this building is built in just the opposite way.1. The distance between the columns is set minimum such as 1.4m and 2.8m.And the columns are ultra thin,6cm which is unbelievable! Furthermore, it was not disturbing to walk among the columns inside. This was an extraordinary experience. It,s like a jungle gym with a lot of columns.

If you look at the picture closely, you can find a mirror like boards set among the columns on the right side and left side. These are set to endure the swing <like earthquake or wind>. When you walk through these mirrors and columns,you,ll get the image of a maze.There is a white box likewise and the lights are on it. I don,t get what this is and I would appreciate to be informed if possible. 2. The beam=the roof is very thin. The extreme technique of structural idea is used to be able to abbreviate the beam. The technique used for the construction seems not so complicated. 3. You can see that the floor is at the same level as the ground level and therefore is not showing the thickness. This treatment plays an important role in producing the light and "floating"effect. The grasses are taller and the floor looks like a thin board.

Although I have predicted that the major premise for the home page is recognizing the art of architecture through experiencing for real, this work is contradictory where you can rather get most from photo works. The way it is thought out is traditional, like a box with simple vertical and horizontal lines. Until I saw this project, it was to my thought that with such simple vocabularies, we no longer can approach a new aspect. But however,this accomplishment shows there was still a way. It was to thin down and flatten the materials! I wish that you,d experience for yourself.

However, once you,ve gone through this experience,you will find yourself facing a new difficulty. Yes, experiencing the architecture for real is not so easy. Because in reality you are outside and released and in such situation it is hard to concentrate on observing the architecture. You are not used to the foothold and you are often bothered by people going by. It is something to concentrate.Instead when you are looking at the photograph you can exclude all other facts and cut out only what you want to discover and appreciate. You can look at it in your quiet room and make discoveries. This picture was taken by super wide lens <20mm> and it can catch wider range than the human eyes. And so the whole perspective view of this architecture was readily caught.

When experimentally taken by 35mm lens <which is near the human sight> you must combine the two pieces like the one below. Can you get the whole perspective image? It is understandable that the wideness of the sky and the grass are contributing in making the whole image of the architecture.

Also the colors appearing in the photos are not colors in real. They are the color elements of the photograph. They are tended to color out nearer to the primary colors than the real colors. Like this blue sky it appeals simple and clear.

I,m sorry to say that the facility was not used with a delicate care as to show and realize the art of architecture.
It will be an obstacle when you are not used to the appreciation of architecture.I suppose that this building in reality might go on without being noticed by a lot of people.
I ponder over for what it is to realize the art of architecture.

     to be continued 

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