I went to Koga General Park Cafeteria.

                        Gerateria:You can have a gerard ice cream.  

From a piece of picture At first, I want you to look closely to this picture.


First of all,this blue sky and the gradation is unbelievable. It seemsso artificial. And how about this roof so flat and thin! Also, I can,t help saying how thin and slender the column is. And how many columns they are set!How come the floor seems so thin? Can,t one recognize the whole facilit yas if riding on the grass? Can,t one think it possible to float as it is? This exquisite sight makes me hum..."have never seen such..."

This building belongs to the park at Koga City,Ibaragi-Prefecture,famous for its peach orchard. You can reach Koga Station on Tohoku Line, an hour ride from Ueno. It was a ten minutes taxi ride from there.This facility is a cafeteria providing drinks and some food. 30mx12 as a whole and about 2.8m in height. The part seen at the center of the picture is outside and the part seen on the right side with the window sash is inside of the building. It can be assumed that the tables and chairs are placed outside during the warmer seasons.The window sashes may be opened during such seasons. It can be said that this is somewhat like a big and peeked street stall selling ice creams. Or perhaps it is a plain cafeteria outside,making a whole transparent view possible.

A photo from upper opposite side. Taste the transparent view.

 to be continued  

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