Often go to Tokyo International Forum
        <The seventh floor of the building was a rendezvous for high school students until last year(1998)>

   The Tokyo International Forum had opened on Jan.1997. It had passed two anda half years since.I must say that the city of Tokyo is offering us a sophisticated place just as that of Tokyo Kasai Rinkai Park View Point Visitors Center, as an admission free public space.What we like to take up here especially are the plaza and the glass hall,where anyone can come and spend his time at anytime and which is a comfortable and rarely encountered public space.

Entrance from Yurakucho Station

Entrance fron Tokyo Station

Plaza seen from Tokyo Station side.

Plaza seen from Yurakucho Station side.

  First of all, there is a plaza with a line of zelkova.It is astounding to have secured the plaza space in such scale in this downtown area. The zelcova breeze heals you whenever you go. It is also astounding to secure such public space for free admission,where you can spend a relaxed time and enjoy the greeneries.The granite paved floor rather looks sophisticated and shows the aspect of artificial city.All paved and elaborated it looks more like a passage, not a place to relax and stay.It seems to be rather a stoical design.Just as the white lined illuminated floor bounding the plaza zone, it seems to bring out a ground in an abstract effect rather than a natural atmosphere of the garden. This feeling comes from after experiencing the abstract designed wall,located on the side of the convenience store in the basement floor.Is he doing the similar design in the plaza?

Illuminated wall by the convenience store

  Now, please enjoy the enclosure of the plaza by a livepicture.

To see the pictures use the Live Picture Viewer. Please connect to the following and download for free. http://www.livepicture.com/ About the Live Pictureョ Viewer 3.2-Plug-in

It is not easy to express the atmosphere of this glass hall. The object isso enormous that the unity of the place is hard to grasp and so the photos look destructed. However, if you look through the Live picture view in 360degrees, you might be able to feel the unity of the whole aspect.
Here, there are a lot of pedestrians walking through and out. It is ofcourse crowded with the couples in the evening. Especially in summer seasons itis a perfect place to enjoy the cool evening breeze and the couples are seen sitting over the handrails.

Looking inside the glass hall from the plaza side.

The glass handrail is transparent down to the foothold and it suddenly looks over the basement floor and you are faced with quite a gap in the view.With this sense of distance you look over the information center and the people sitting on the bench downward in the basement floor. It has been used in the TV commercial. You are there to experience the view of the city rarely encountered!

 To the inside of the glass hall  

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