This glass hall may be described as a space without functional definition, like a park.

 Vice versa,the view of the plaza looking out from inside of the glass hall is superb. The plaza lies same as the ground floor and the information center in the glass hall is in the basement floor and below this the event hall in the second basement floor can be overseen<always dark without thelight>. The enormous stairwell of the glass hall encloses all these components.The dynamic component of this view of the plaza may correspond to observing highly advanced stage of the urban space.

  When you look upward over the enormous glass hall,there lies the white skeleton construction arousing the feeling of cosmic space.
This feeling of spaciousness seems to come from the the acoustic effects. When the voice is uttered it resonates long after so that the space is filled with deep ,quiet, and expansive feeling.
It is the enormous interior space not yet frequently encountered in Japan,somewhat like the interior of the cathedral. It can be described as a Japanese public bath, enlarged and made it quiet.

  When you stand there in this large enclosed space, the skeleton construction on the ceiling reminds you of the ship bottom in the seabed. Then the the plaza can be regarded as a seabed illuminated and the dark event hall in the basement floor is like a deep sea. When you look at the people going by the plaza in an absent way, the sight might give you an illusion of seaweeds and the fish swimming in the sea.

  This glass hall may be described as a space without functional definition.Since it is not closely connected with the conference rooms and the event hall, it is more like a place to ramble like a park. Yes, this is a large interior park in an urban scale, a birth of a new urban space !

  Unlike the plaza there are not so many people going by inside the glass hall and it is a quiet and just a perfect place for a walk.Although this urban interior park=the glass hall doesn,t offer plants and ponds like the natural park, it is offerring the composition of the architecture and the architectural experience, going up and down the deck. And so this is why this park may be defined as "an architectural land".

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 Top of the glass hall  

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