Having enjoyed watching the night view of Ginza at the end of the year 2000, the illumination installations are now gathered here for you to watch.
(This time, you can click the picture in order to see the enlarged version.)

The illumination installation was heard to start since 1999. The illuminated arch installed at the street in Marunouchi.

Renowned Tokyo International Forum.
Please take a look at the special illumination effect for the holiday season. Differing from the white lighting as usual, the deep blue light reminds us of the skeleton of the dinosaur and it,s quite fearful.

Opaque Ginza designed by Kazuyo Sejima.
As the facade is usually lighted in white, the pink lighting may have been done as an installation for the holiday season.Because of the lighting effect the external image is lightened and you are given an illusion of transparency,looking through the interior parts. But however, there is still a wall to block the sight beyond the glass wall.Since the plane plannning happensto be so simple, it is noticed at once.

Louis Vuitton Ginza at Matsuya. Designed by Jun Aoki.
Please watch for the moire realized by doubling the two different patterns. The doubled glass walls are 70cm apart. By this effect you are once again given an illusion of transparency that the interior part of the shop can be seen through. Besides,of course, there is a corner where the glass wall is single and you can see through the inside. I might conceive the sophisticated quality of the architect not simplifying the whole aspect.

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