[Sendai Mediatheque]
Interior Space Highlights Picked Up

[1] Entrance hall like space by the 6th floor gallery on the roadside. Irregular chairs are set. The wooden floor produces a peaceful atmosphere. It is a relaxation space just as if sitting in the porch looking out the garden.

Children were running around playing.

[2] 3rd floor
Space where there are provided with PC connected to Internet Service. Space for magazines and children,s books. Three kinds of space and the stuff space are divided by white cloth curtains curving each space. A graceful design! This kind of way of dividing the space seems so fit to and well coordinated with the mesh columns.

[3] 7th floor, the video section.
The climax of the building is the information desk, the passway, and the video booths scattered in one floor. Only in this floor the route is circulated. It is a comfortable floor. Also there is a fine view to be seen on the north side.

[4] Cafeteria 1st floor
There is a slope made outside the cafeteria corner of the building. You are in the airy atmosphere feeling as if you are in the opened cafeteria. Stairways are set inside the glassed mesh columns.

Elevators and air conditioning ducts are set likewise. (Why don,t you go up and down!) There are lots to see!


  Air conditioning duct ?

 1st floor Event Hall

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広告 [PR] 高収入  メイク 美容家電 無料レンタルサーバー