Photo Views of <Tobu> 写真で見る「とうぶ」

One and a half hour,s ride on Nagano Super Express will take you to Ueda-city.From there,taking a microbus

for about 20minutes climbing the gentle slope at last, you will arrive at Otaku Kyuyomura Tobu.

I hear that it is about an hour climb to Eboshi Dake <2000m class>.

There are athletic facilities and a stream to enjoy outdoor life.

The name <Tobu> stands for its address,Tobu-Machi, Chiisagata-Gun,Nagano-Ken.

 Enjoy the BGM

Otaku Kyuyomura Tobu Entrance View <super wide angle lens 20mm used. 2 photos connected.>

Appearing something like a henhouse,ultra modern design, light and airy.

Transcends the scale of architecture so far accepted.

Stands as if to correspond to the scale of nature as it is.

Relief map at the lobby

Boomelung shaped Kyuyomura building and the big

garden surrounded by it.Camp fire site is in 

the center. Stream with bushes run across the 

wholearea.Soccerfield<circular> on the left side.

Two planes of tennis court and gateball court.

Overlooking the inner side as a whole from the end of the building

You can recognize that it is surrounded by the 

mountains.Three vertical lines are the pipes 

hanging the louver.Rocks spotted in the center 

are on the left.The old fashioned private house

<Minka> is seen as if ridden on the building.

You can look over the whole building from the 

room window.=Can identify one,s place. And such a 

long length of the building.

Gymnasium part seen from the garden side

Louver horizontal, slim and closely spaced. Columns so slim

not looking like columns at all.The greenery of the mountain

come close by.You can see that the relief of the ground is

left as it is upon construction. Grasses left as they are.

The building and the big garden 360degrees panorama view if the right and the left side of the picture are connected.

<The building stands connected originally.>

Extraordinarily big garden left as it is. Nature as subconsciousness must have been formulated into the planning.

Camp fire takes its place in the circular space in the center.

It was impressive to see the grasses and the rocks scatterred as they are.

Hallway to the guest rooms

It is comfortably curving and sloping down feeling as if wrapped in the homogeneous interior.

When you go back and forth repeatedly,you begin to feel just where you are in the whole building.

The architect here is calling on the subconsciousness-which is the physical body itself."It,s a comfortable slope here."

Night view of the gymnasium in fog

It was a fantastic experience to see diffused reflection

of the light due to the fog.

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